HP 2540P i7 Tablet 4GB 160 SSD

HP 2540P i7 Tablet 4GB 160 SSD

This HP Compaq HP 2540p EliteBook Laptop Tablet Computer Intel Core i7 2.13 GHz 4GB RAM WIFI 12.1"

" Processor: Intel Core i7 2.13 GHz
" RAM: 4 GB
" Hard Drive: 160GB SSD
" Operating System: windows 7 Pro
" Includes AC Adapter

The term "Off-Lease" refers to a product that has been leased to, and used by, a customer, then returned to the leasing agent at the end of the lease period (typically 2 to 3 years). The leasing agent, or their third-party partner, inspects, repairs (if necessary), cleans, re-packages, and then offers the product for sale as "Off-Lease". Although we only purchase and sell the highest grade off-lease products some items will show signs of use, including minor scratches and slight wear. Purchasing off lease product saves you money, creates less waste and saves the resources that would be required to produce new products. If saving money and resources is important to you and you are not concerned with minor wear you should consider purchasing off-lease. Off lease products carry limited warranties through the original

Our technicians perform one-on-one inspections with each of our computers individually. This rigorous process is conducted from inside to outside.

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