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We service desktop,laptop & Macbook computers for home or businesses and our prices are reasonable with no strings attached. We are easy to find (get directions here) and our qualified specialists will handle your computer repair in a professional, competent and timely manner. Whatever computer problems you encounter, contact Showtime Computers to resolve the issues and save yourself time and money.

Computer Support at Showtime:
Get the computer help and support you need immediately. Here are some of the items that we specialize in supporting:

• Dell
• Hewlett Packard (HP)
• Compaq
• Samsung
• Macbooks • Mackbook Pro
• Gateways
• Toshiba
• Sony
• Fujitsu
• Winbook • Acer
• Asus
• Lenovo
• Asus
• Custom Gaming Systems
• Clones / Whitebox PC's

5-minute evaluation:
When you bring your computer in for service at Showtime Computers you will receive a free 5-minute evaluation before any work is performed.

The evaluation is noted on your service contract.

all components used in upgrades are new, and are guaranteed for one year. Components removed from system are considered trade-ins and become the property of Showtime Computers unless you specifically request that they be returned when you pick up your PC.

PC tune-up:

•Dust removal from main board and expansion cards
•Defragment hard drive
•Optimize system startup files
•Scandisk hard drive
•Maximize system resources & performance
•Remove unnecessary programs
•Correct device drivers
•Reseat all expansion cards
•Optimize CMOS settings
•Check all cables, CPU and power supply fans
Password removal:
if someone has set a password on your PC that prevents you from accessing the system bios, Showtime Computers can remove your password by clearing the CMOS. Password removal may be required for hard drive installations.

Virus diagnosis:
If Showtime Computers suspects that your PC may be infected with a virus, we require that a virus diagnosis be performed before further work is attempted on the PC. Common symptoms of a virus are:
• Viruses may disappear but leave damaged files that affect system operation. Virus removal is billed at $119.90. (2 hour charge)

Laptop computer repair:
We can have your notebook / laptop computer repaired at the component level, saving you hundreds over motherboard replacement costs (the only option most other shops will provide.) Service takes approximately one week depending on parts availability.

Express service:
Equipment dropped off before 11AM on a weekday will be ready by 6 PM the next business day.

We have the necessary parts in stock to troubleshoot and repair any problem accurately. An experienced, certified technician will do all of the work on your computer. We will call you with an estimate before repairing your computer. Our labor rate is $59.95 /hr. Most repairs are charged 1 hour our maximum labor charge is 3 hours for computer repairs.

About our qualified service engineers:

We set high standards for our service Techs. Each undergoes regular training and certification for different manufacturers. In addition, each one is empowered to find the right resources to resolve product and application problems.

Showtime Computer repair and restoration services include: laptop computer repair, virus removal, spyware removal, system security testing, wired or wireless networks, hardware upgrades & installation, software upgrades & installation, computer setup, operating system updates, anti-virus installation, motherboard replacement, memory upgrades, backup files, replace broken LCDs, replace laptop hinges, replace touchpad's, keyboards, replace hard drive, replace bad inverters, software data recovery, repair worn or damaged power connectors, and much more.

Our qualified specialists will handle your computer repair in a professional, competent and timely manner. Whatever computer problems you encounter, contact Showtime Computers to resolve the issues, reduce downtime and save you time and money.

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